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AnQi Butterfish

Culinary Philosophy

House of AN’s culinary philosophy is based on chef “Mama” Helene An’s principle of “Yin and Yang” cooking, an approach that follows the foundations of Eastern medicine, composed of only the finest ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and health and used only when they’re in season and at their freshest.

While applying her knowledge of health and wellness to her cuisine, Mama believes that food should be uncompromising when it comes to taste and health — not only should it taste good, it should also be good for you.

At AnQi, we continue the essence of Mama’s philosophy in our cooking while adding our own unique and contemporary twist – utilizing modern techniques and flavors – to create an elevated dining experience.

The AN Family Tradition Continues…

This is a story of three generations of strong willed Vietnamese women who rose from heartbreaking and devastating loss of home and country to building a multi-million dollar food and hospitality conglomerate. It is a story about their unquestionable power of determination and endurance in the process of survival.  It is a story about a family who not only survived, but successfully reestablished their new lives in a foreign country and in doing so, found within themselves a commitment to a heritage and a passion for a tradition, a “Culinary Tradition” which is now the core of the An Family Story.

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The Secret Kitchen

The Secret Kitchen is a fascinating element of Master Chef Helene Ans culinary legacy and the An Familys success story. It refers to a completely concealed kitchen within the main kitchen, off limits to all employees except the An Family and chefs with over 10 years of employment with the family. 

The An family has installed Secret Kitchens in every one of their restaurants ever since, from San Francisco’s Thanh Long. Only a few dishes have ever made it onto the Secret Kitchen menu, the first being the crab dish. But by far, the most recognized item that comes from Secret Kitchen is the ever-popular garlic noodles.

Since Crustacean’s opening in 1997, only six dishes have been created in the Secret Kitchen. Once a dish joins this covert class, it stays on the menu permanently.

The Red Experience

I’ve colored the AnQi dining experience Red.
Red is glamorous, magnetic and full of life.
Red is the unexpected and the delicious anticipation.
Red is bold. Red is daring.
Red is something naughty.
Red is that memory that makes you blush.
Red is falling in love. Not for the first time but all over again.
Red is vibrant and captivating. It’s oxygen that is bursting with life.
And, did you know that Red foods are nutritious and flavorful?
Red is strength in spirit and body.
Red is that Red Carpet Moment that is there for the taking.
Feel the AnQi Red.

Elizabeth An

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